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Ubuntu Social Living Networks is a Social Enterprise and Youth Leadership programme based in South East London, Lewisham. Our mission is to spread knowledge of true African history to the African diaspora community and build up our young people through knowledge of self in to positively contributing members of society. 

The word Ubuntu comes from the South African Bantu tribe, meaning 'I Am Because We Are, Therefore, Because We Are, I am'. This means that we must look after our brother and sister as we would look after ourselves, and treat each other as one, with unity.

We have worked with young people since 2005, starting with the Mandiani project which was ran in schools and youth clubs in Lewisham Borough with the goal of working with young black boys and girls and their parents to improve their quality of life and future prospects. Young people of Afro-Caribbean descent in the UK have suffered from marginalisation in the education system and in society for some years now, and through the work we do with them we have seen drastic improvements and turnarounds from young people who would have otherwise been deemed ‘difficult’ or failures and had lost hope in themselves.

Supporting and nurturing young people of the African Caribbean Diaspora in to leadership positions by educating, uplifting and empowering them through knowledge of self is a key the work we do. We provide a safe environment for our young people to learn, connect with each other, grow as individuals and access opportunities that may have otherwise not been available. We work with parents to ensure that your child gets the best out of their experience with us and you are satisfied with the development of your child through our programme.

As our organisation grows, we want to create more opportunities for our young people through starting businesses and offering them the skill development, career advancement and networking opportunities that will allow them thrive as adults and live fulfilled lives.



Daniel Pink Ubuntu

Daniel Pink

Founder & Youth Practitioner


Callum Reddish

Youth Practitioner

Kamau Ubuntu SLN

Kamau Phillips

Media Archivist & Youth Practitioner

Perrie Chambers Ubuntu SLN

Perrie Chambers

Youth Practitioner


Juney Muhammad

Mental Health Specialist & Youth Practitioner


Kieza Silveira De Sousa

Business Development Manager & Youth Practitioner

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