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Front Room Therapies comes from the heart the seat of the soul! We need the rhythm of life that we can live, we can hear we can talk and we can respond. Frontroom therapy is an acknowledgement that we hold the information and we are our first doctor what comes natural to us is what our heart needs to connect and communicate.

Front room therapies cuts across language, religion, culture and class and is sensitive to the delicate yet powerful nature of being human. Everyone has a place in their home where they invite friend’s family and guests where tradition and culture is up held, and often where important matters and decisions take place the front room, dining room, drawing room or sitting room. The Front room symbolises the Frontal lobe; our front brain that hold all this knowledge.

Frontroom therapies are an offer of guidance and empowerment in understanding mental health and wellbeing. The wisdom of self-help strategies to promote good wellbeing is integral to our cultural heritage. However we have arrived at a critical time of being reconnected to this wisdom in our socialisation and practice of ‘healthy lifestyles’. Using a principle and natural model of ‘heal protect and create’ – Ubuntu – who are we without each other?

·       Heal is our bodies natural inbuilt ability to heal itself

·       Protect is our bodies natural flight fight response to defend itself

·       Create is realisation of renewal and natural order of nature.

We are here to listen, and offer guidance and understanding of any form of mental difficulties and how to maintain good mental health and wellbeing.

We will respond to your emails and if required you can call. Family support sessions are also available.

Please note we do not diagnose, nor do we offer medical treatment. We understand the fear and mistrust of mainstream mental health services and attitudes and can offer guidance to improve your experience and work with you from your starting point.

Mental health and Wellbeing cover both poor and good mental health the wisdom used in frontroom therapies is simple clear and real.

We are able to offer consultancy services, workshops, seminars, and training.

Front room therapies train the trainer’s program  community development approach to building capacity healthier, happier and resilient families and communities.

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