Janelle Ubuntu SLN Testimony

Janelle Charles

21 years old

Ubuntu teaches you self-confidence, self-knowledge, to build your self-esteem, become a leader, learn about your history and elevate yourself to succeed in your everyday life especially in education and much more. I have changed my whole personality. I am much more positive in my life. I passed my school GCSE’S and am in college. I have so much knowledge of my history and where I come from, which makes me more confident in myself. I have never felt better about my life. I always want to help people and support other young people, Daniel, Juney and Kamau were so supportive and they never gave up on me. I am happy to say that they are part of the reason I have changed my life for the better. If it wasn’t for them I don’t know where I would be now. Ubuntu is my extended family and we all support each other like brothers and sisters. This is my testimony and I am proud to say, “Ubuntu I am because we are, therefore because we are I am.”

Janelle has since gone on to full time work in a career working as a mentor to young people up to 16 years old in schools and youth clubs

Jacob Sakil

Perrie Chambers

21 Years old

Before I joined Ubuntu, I attended Bonus Pastor Catholic College. I was a short-tempered individual, who didn’t see eye to eye with many teachers, who told me I had the potential, but needed to apply myself. One-hour detentions, Red Report Card and exclusions became the norm. I remember not being able to attend the Disco, because I got expelled on the same day. I was upset! However, I managed to find myself part of Ubuntu, with friends with whom I am still close with today. Ubuntu is a way of life, which I have walked with ever since Year 10. I stopped my negative behavior, and started showing respect towards other people. Ubuntu has taught me how to love myself and how to interact with the community. I started to question a lot of things, conducted research and read books. Ubuntu has empowered me throughout the years, and has taught me who I am in relation to Identity & Culture. Yes, I did experience parties and maybe I did bend the rules a ‘few’ times, but after a while, seeing panic on my Mothers face wasn’t too pleasing, when I would come home three hours late. On coming Ubuntu weekly, my actions started to change and I decided not to become part of the stereotypical view, which faces me in this society.

Perrie has been awarded a £27,000 scholarship to study Youth and Community Development at Goldsmiths University in South London and is pursue a career in the youth sector

Jessica Francis.jpg

Jessica Francis

19 years old

I have been attending Ubuntu Social Living Networks for almost three years now. In this period of time I have progressed from secondary school to Sixth Form, where I am currently studying Fine Art, Business Studies and Sociology at A Level. Ubuntu has equipped me with knowledge from outside the curriculum and so I will be at an advantage next year when I take a major step in starting a degree in Criminology and Psychology. Also, being a member of Ubuntu has helped me throughout the years to be confident in myself, in how I walk, and how I articulate myself. This is due to the valuable teaching of our African heritage, in an atmosphere where we empower one another by listening and speaking to each other. From this I learn about my identity and where I originally came from. This means I can know myself and go forth into the future loving myself.

Jessica is now studying a degree in Psychology and is well on her way to becoming a top class graduate

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